Do not panic! Minky fabric is NOT made from the fur of mink animal. It is entirely animal free. The fabric is named minky for its stimulated feel of mink, this fabric is truly comfortable, smooth, warmth, luxurious and heavenly. It is made up of 100% polyester.

What is Minky fabric used for?

Minky fabric is so high in quality that it is used in baby wearable products such as blankets, toys etc. The softness and gentleness on the skin makes it the best fabric to make a swaddle for the baby. Thus SwaddleTots bring to you the minky baby swaddle that is made up of the best fabric suitable for your children.

Is Minky fabric material good?

Let me tell you upfront, minky fabric is a very high quality luxurious fabric. In terms of comfort, it triumphs over fleece with its thick, plush feel. Minky Fabric are know to be cuddled with. Soft as silk, comfortable as cashmere. Your baby will definitely feel its comfort and love it. Our minky products passes the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100. It is even suitable for a baby to put it in his mouth.

Minky fabrics are very easy to care for. The fabric is very durable and able to withstand many gentle washes. The many washes will not damage the softness and comfort of the fabric. You can dry the minky baby swaddle by hanging it or under low heat tumble dry. Do not dry it under high heat as the fabric is vulnerable to high heat.

Minky Fabric allows vivid patterns and pictures on it. It climbs the charts in durability as its colors do not fade like many cotton fabrics. Thus rest assure to wash your minky fabric when you feel like it.

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