The Ultimate Baby’s First Year Guide

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  • Are you having your first child?
  • Do you want to improve on your parenting strategies?
  • Looking forward for a easier and guided parenting?
  • Learning how to manage your child?
  • Are you worried on being a parent?
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Product Description

This comprehensive baby’s first year guide is all you need for the first year of your baby’s life! 

The Reasons You Should Take A Look At This Ebook!

  • Many mummies do not know how to manage their baby after birth.
  • Managing may seem simple but thinking is always simpler than doing.
  • Parents scramble to search for information when things happen.
  • Information that is really detailed are very hard to search for.
  • There are so many informations, how do you choose the best one?

What Is So Great About This E-book?

  • Step by step information given at different stages of their first year.
  • It tells you straight to the point what you need to do, no second thoughts.
  • The e-book teaches you how to love your child with the right methods to prevent over pampering.
  • Simple but important phrasing to ease and brighten your reading.
  • Read on to find out what is included in the e-book.

Topics Covered

  • 4 benefits the newborn receives from listening to music.
  • How to add fruits and vegetables to your newborns diet.
  • 5 ways to help your newborn work on his or her language skills.
  • Why experts disagree on whether you should tend to your baby when it cries in the night.
  • 5 signs that your newborn is ready to eat solid foods.
  • 6 ways to help your baby learn to talk on time.
  • 1 chart full of milestones you can expect your child to breakthrough in his or her first 10 months.
  • The secret power that a bedtime routine can have on your newborns sleep cycle.
  • Warning! Look out for these dangers of serving solid foods to your baby too early.
  • The important connection between crying and speaking.
  • How babies really learn to talk month by month – learn what to expect on average by month 1, month 2, all the way up to a full year.
  • 4 specific tips you can use to teach your baby to walk.
  • An easy way to make sure your newborn doesn’t learn to fuss once you put it to bed in order to get your attention.
  • 5 activities your child can use to build his or her motor skills.
  • The secrets of teaching your baby to walk without buying expensive toys or walking aids.
  • 7 ways to help soothe the pain of teething.
  • 5 toys that are perfect for newborns.
  • 7 toys that will teach your child how to interact with the world from 9 to 12 months of age.

Time Cannot Be Reversed, Manage, Love And Teach Your Baby The Right Way Starting From Day One!


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