Shipping Policy

Delivery Timeline

  1. Customer places the order
  2. SwaddleTots processes the order and prepares it for shipment
  3. At least 24 Hours prior to delivery, SwaddleTots will send an Email/SMS to the customer to inform him/her of the delivery schedule
  4. Upon confirmation, your items will be sent out at the date and time zone specified. Delivery will not proceed unless customer has approved of the time zone and date for delivery. This is to prevent failure of delivery.
  5. Delivery personnel will transport the order to the delivery address
  6. wait 3-5 days for normal delivery, wait 1-2 days for express delivery.

Default Delivery Window

By default, we deliver 9am-10pm, Monday to Saturday. If you will not be around during this period, do leave us a note when placing your order to tell us your preferred delivery timing. If we do not receive notice from you, your delivery will abide by the Default Delivery Window. For express delivery option, our customer service manager will contact you to make separate arrangements.

However, do note that timings outside of the Default Delivery Window are subject to availability. If you need us to deliver outside the Default Delivery Window, your delivery might be delayed. Although SwaddleTots will do so when deemed possible, we are not obliged to accommodate requests for deliveries outside the Default Delivery Window.

We do not deliver on Sundays and Public Holidays. The reason for a rest day on a Sunday is because we believe that everyone should have a break on Sunday, including our delivery guys and ourselves.

Standard Delivery

SwaddleTots aims to fulfill Standard Deliveries within 5 days from the day your order has been processed, excluding the day the order is processed. The delivery timeframe excludes Sundays and Public Holidays.

Express Delivery

SwaddleTots aims to fulfill Express Deliveries within 3 days from the day your order has been processed, excluding the day the order is processed. The delivery time frame excludes Sundays and Public Holidays.

Specific Time Delivery

For customers with an urgent schedule, you may choose to have your order delivered on a specific time and date via Specific Time Delivery. However, this delivery option is subject to availability. Do contact us if you want us to deliver at a specific time.

Free Delivery

Customers are eligible for Free Delivery for any swaddle purchased or self-collection . Free Delivery is always by postage.

If the customer’s order is eligible for Free Delivery, but he wishes to have it delivered by any other means apart from postage, the onus is on the customer to contact SwaddleTots to request the specific alternative service. Relevant charges will apply.


Each order is entitled to 1 Free Re-Delivery upon a failed delivery, regardless of the cause of the failed delivery. Subsequent Re-Deliveries, if requested, will be subject to delivery charges. SwaddleTots will attempt to contact you to schedule Re-Deliveries. If no confirmation is received by SwaddleTots, we will not re-deliver your order until such confirmation is received.


SwaddleTots will not be responsible for any failed deliveries should the customer provide the wrong delivery information such as the wrong address, wrong contact information, or wrong delivery date and timing.

SwaddleTots will do our best to help our customers receive their order. However, we are not obliged to deliver the order in any other ways not previously agreed on before the delivery.

We are also not obliged to perform any form of delivery beyond delivery to your doorstep. Should you not be at the location to receive the delivery, we are not obliged to wait for you to return home. We can however pass it to any other persons living in your home.

In cases where our logistics run into unforeseen circumstances, your delivery might be delayed for any number of reasons. In this case, we will inform you of any re-scheduling as early as we can.

Restricted Areas

SwaddleTots will not ship to Tuas, Army Camps or Sentosa. If the customer wishes to do so, SwaddleTots has the right to charge a surcharge.


Self-Collection is available at one venue:

  1. 806 Hougang Central
    Venue Manager: Marcus (specify self collection during checkout our representative will contact you)

Once the order has been processed, it will be assigned to the next Self-Collection timeslot at the venue you selected.

As Self-Collection is a an extra service we provide to help our customers save the time needed for delivery to take place, we ask that the customer state during check out that he/she wants to self-collect.

If the customer misses the assigned Self-Collection timeslot, the onus is on him to contact SwaddleTots to indicate when he will be Self-Collecting. SwaddleTots is not obliged to initiate contact with the customer.

If you are unable to meet the Self-Collection timings at all, do contact the respective Venue Manager to arrange a special time. However, we are not obliged to meet any timing requested.

Shipping Out Of Singapore

We provide shipping internationally, shipping rates will defer for different countries. Contact us below and we will inform you on the shipping rates. SwaddleTots have the rights to determine the shipping rates.

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