Why this shape?

Swaddles come in all shapes and sizes, some are just a piece of cloth. We will tell you why you should choose SwaddleTots to be your best choice. We have gone through numerous number of research to design the best suited shape for the baby. We considered making the swaddle to be of a narrow size so that it looks good. However, we knew that a narrow swaddle is not healthy for a baby’s physical development. What we mean by narrow is the restriction of certain movements needed by the baby to develop and grow. We found out that there are many cases where babies that are swaddled improperly developed hip dysplasia or dislocation. Which is really sad, that is why SwaddleTots have created the swaddle to make sure that this would definitely not happen to any of our babies. Yes, we mentioned ‘our babies’ we treat your baby as our own, that’s how much we care for your little ones.

SwaddleTots Shape

Why Does Hip Dysplasia Occur?

When your little one is in your womb, he spends almost all the time tucked in the fetal position, in which both hips and knees are bent or flexed. After birth, babies require several months for the joints to stretch out naturally. During the first few months, hip dysplasia is more susceptible to occur because the baby’s ball is loose in the socket. Which makes them naturally more flexible and because the edges of the socket are made of soft cartilage like the cartilage in the ear. Thus, if their hip is forced into a stretch-out too early the ball is at risk of permanently deforming the edges of the cup shaped socket (hip dysplasia) or gradually slipping out of the socket altogether (hip dislocation).


Fetal Position

The worst position during infancy is when the hip and legs and extended and kept together such that it forms a straight line with the body. The longer the legs are placed in that position, the higher the severity of hip dysplasia. The best position for a newborn to be in is when the hips are spread apart naturally, the thighs are supported and the hips and knees are bent just like the fetal position. This position is like a frog position it ensures healthy hip development and growth. Below is a case of hip dysplasia the severity increases from left to right.


Tested Swaddles

“The International Hip Dysplasia Institute acknowledges the SwaddleTots swaddle as a ‘hip-healthy’ product when used as directed.” We make sure our swaddles meet the mark. Rest assure that you can trust us.

The Best Shape For The Baby

SwaddleTots designed our swaddles such that the baby feels secure at the same time allowing healthy hip movement and development. Take a look at the picture to your right. There are 3 sections to the swaddle, the top section is for the head to pop out. The second section is for the wrapping of the body, ensuring your little one to feel secure and comfortable. Finally, the third section which has ample space for the natural movement of the hip and legs to ensure healthy hip development. Our Minky fabric is also stretchable to a certain extend, therefore it will not cause any harm to the hip.

healthy hip Swaddletots

Inside The Swaddle

The whole interior is made such that there would not be anything hard to affect the baby’s comfort. The interior is made of only dotted Minky fabric. Everything in contact with the baby is soft and gentle to the skin. Take a look at our Velcro to your left, it is made such that it is very soft. Rest assure that your little one’s comfort will be met.

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