Safe and Healthy

Vulnerable and undeveloped, safety is the utmost importance for a newborn. Trust us, “The IHDI acknowledges the SwaddleTots Swaddle as a “hip-healthy” product when used as directed.”

Comfortable and Happy

Made fully out of luxurious minky fabric that is OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certified. Soft and comfy. Your baby discomfort will vanish instantly. Make the right obvious decision for them. They deserve the best, SwaddleTots.

Hip Dislocation

Do you want your baby to suffer from any hip problems due to improper swaddling? A newborn hip is very prone to hip problems if you force them out of their fetal position unnaturally. It would not be good for their development.

Healthy Hip Development

Hip development is necessary for a healthy growth. One unfortunate case was when a baby is swaddled improperly, even at the age of 1 year 9 months he still could not walk. Doctors blame it to the cause of improper swaddling.

Healthier Baby, Less Worry

Do you want to constantly worry if you have wrapped the baby correctly? Will this method affect his hip? Will the swaddle come loose at night? Choose SwaddleTots, we will take away that unnecessary worry.

Quality Assurance. Risk Free.

7 Day Money Back Guarantee

Shop with ease with our 7 day money back guarantee. If you find that the product is not suitable for your baby, we will provide a full refund. Only applies to SwaddleTots swaddles. Check out SwaddleTots Returns Policy.

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