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Looking At The Products

You can click to look at our swaddles from the Menu Bar. There is a navigation word called Shop. You will also get to see our products at different areas of the website so feel free to click on them.

product description

Product Description

After you have look through our products, click on the product for more description. If there is any other queries you can contact us which is located at the Menu Bar for more information.

Add to cart

Add To Cart

Click add to cart after you have made your choice. You will be able to view your cart by clicking on view cart or by clicking on the trolley button at the top right hand area of the navigation bar. Your cart is saved at the moment.

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You may continue with your shopping or you can proceed to checkout. You can click on the checkout button at your cart area. Fill in your information and billing address so that we will be able to deliver the swaddle to you directly. You will be able to pay with your credit card or by Paypal.


Payment by Debit/Credit Card

Click on checkout button below the cart page. Check if it is the correct order. You will see a button Proceed To Paypal. Click on it. Yes you will be able to pay by your credit card even if you do not have a Paypal account.

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Paypal Page

Take a look at your order summary and Click on pay with my debit or credit card section if you do not have a Paypal account and fill in your details. Proceed to pay. The order is completed.

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