Contrary to popular belief, working out and exercising during pregnancy is actually great for you and your baby. However, there are a few risks involved and proper precaution should be taken to exercise safely!

Prenatal exercise offers loads of health benefits. In fact, most gynaecologists and obstetricians will recommend that all mums exercise daily. A recommended amount of exercise should be about 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise daily, and this shouldn’t have to stop right up until delivery. If you are currently pregnant, and are already working out regularly, you can continue your normal exercises as much as is practical. However, there are a few motions that should be avoided for pregnant women. Here’s a list of them.

Sports With A Risk Of Abdominal Injury

Sports like ice-hockey, football, basketball, horseback riding, cycling, etc. Any sport that runs a risk of you landing on your abdominal area, or suffering from a high-impact blow during the exercises should not be carried out at all. This also means that all extreme sports should be avoided until your pregnancy is over

Advanced Abdominal Moves

Full sit-ups and other similar motions like leg lifts should be totally avoided. This is because such strenuous extensions can cause the abdominal muscle to separate from the midline and even tear. Yes, it is dangerous.

Bending Your Back To Lift Objects 

Heavy lifting like deadlifts, or even just moving regular household items around the house should be avoided. We recommend that you get a decent trolley to move any heavy items around. It is fairly common for pregnant women to harm themselves when doing common household chores. When you next want to move that super heavy oven to another location, consider putting it onto a trolley instead of carrying it which places a lot of stress on your back. If you live in Singapore, a good place to get trolleys without hassle will be from Trolley Singapore. You can visit their shop here

Scuba Diving / Holding your breath

Do not hold your breath or participate in any oxygen depriving activity during your pregnancy. Such activities might restrict oxygen from your baby and cause lasting damage.

Yoga or Related Posing Exercises

Avoid standing motionlessly, or in any unnatural poses during your pregnancy. While these poses are typically harmless, there is a chance that they might restrict blood movement.

Don’t Overexert, Exercise in Moderation

Your pregnancy is not the time to be training for a sports competition. Keep in mind that during this period, the safety of you and your baby is the most important thing. If you’re already working out regularly, keep in mind to avoid the above exercises. It is also useful to listen to your body and watch out for any signs that you might be exerting yourself too much.

Ask Your Doctor First

Regardless, our advice shouldn’t be taken without first consulting with your doctor. Pregnancy can be complicated, and there might be factors that only your gynaecologist will be aware of. Before venturing on any new exercises, remember to ask your doctor first!

Here are some of the exercise that you can attempt, but remember to consult your doctor if you are attempting a new workout or a workout that you are unfamiliar with.