Temperature of the room

Research has shown that babies sleep is often affected when the temperature of the room is too hot or too cold.temperature swaddletots

Our suggestion is that you should on the fan and make the fan oscillate. Open the windows and doors to allow air flow. However, take note not to put the baby too near the fan or the windows. This is to prevent the baby from getting to cold. When the baby’s body is at the right temperature, the sleep will naturally be better.

Sleeping Routine

How to make baby sleep at the time you want? Set up a sleeping pattern for your children. For example you can dim the lights every night after 7pm . Do not wait for your baby to be sleepy to do it. You should always stick to the pattern timing. The reason is similar to an adult, you would feel sleepy at a certain timing due to your own sleep patterns. Lets say i take a further step to dim the lights right before your sleeping time, it is needless to say that you will feel sleepy as well. Therefore, set up a sleeping routine for your baby. You may also consider doing actions that is repetitive such as patting your children. Make it a habit to pat your children before they sleep. This will create a routine in them that it is time to sleep.

Our suggestion is to implement the dimming of lights method first. It is one of the simplest and effective method to use. It also trains your children to be independent. Be patient, do not give up, teaching a baby requires time. Train them well from the start and the difficulty will decrease gradually.

Soothing Musics

Babies are like adults and music/sounds and easily affect their mood and emotions. There are many parents that did not know what to do to make their baby fall asleep uses music as an option which works most of the time. The reason that babies can fall asleep with soothing music is due to the fact that they are used to the calm and comfort of the mother’s womb. When they are born, they are brought to a world of noise pollution which they have difficulty adapting.

Our suggestion is to aid the baby in hearing soothing music which calms them down. This makes it easier for them to fall asleep. In turn it benefits you too, you can have a better sleep. The soothing musics does not only work for the baby, it could also work for you.

The sound track is a set of scientifically produced audio recordings designed to help extend babies’ sleep with less interruptions. The sound track GENTLY produces energy over the full human hearing spectrum (20Hz – 20KHz) with an embedded pulse that gently eases the brain to the sleeping state also known as the Alpha state that induce drowsiness. The amount of energy is controlled by the parent by means of the music players’ volume control.

Many parents which have difficulty helping the baby to sleep has used the Instant Baby Sleep Audio Track and received immediate results. Take a Look at what they have to say.

My 2 year old never slept trough, after using instant baby sleep the whole family falls a sleeps in minutes until the next morning. Best product I got my hands on, clears the mind, relax the body and there we go all fast asleep.

Corne Grobler

Mother of 2 year old + baby 5 months.

My son fell asleep in my arms within 2 minutes. I love using the sound track.

Henrico Hanekom

First time dad.

My baby daughter was awake for the entire day and became difficult. While driving in the car from her grand parents we decided to put the Instant baby sleep sound track on as a last resort. It worked instantly. Amazing!

Janine Visser

New mother – first baby.

Help your baby sleep better with music here

Do you know that the instant baby sleep is SO ACCURATE, in fact, The sound track is a digital remodelling of a natural occurrence. It is completely safe to use for all ages of children. It is used by hospitals / play groups / doctors / paediatricians and nurses. We were happy to find out that the Instant Baby Sleep sound track is also used in a Neonatal I.C.U.


Believe it or not, baby can hear, smell and sense you. Most parents all over the world is using this technique to aid sleep in their babies. Sharing sleep displays a mindset regarding acceptance of the infant to be a little person with big needs. Your little one trusts that you, his parents, will continually be available throughout the night, as you are during the day. You may notice that the baby and you may have a harmonious breathing. When you breathe in, the baby breathe in too. When you breathe out, the baby breathes out.

Our suggestion, you may notice that your baby is constantly not sleeping well in their crib. Try to put them beside you to sleep. You will see the difference. They feel more comfortable with you around them. You may find yourself waking up in a semi-automatic state to check on your baby and fall asleep without knowing. Your baby may also wake up to gentle touch you and go back to sleep. This occurrence happens more often by a mother and baby. This is the harmonious connection formed when you and your baby is sleep-sharing.


Swaddling is a effective method to help your baby fall asleep. The reason behind swaddling is to reduce the Moro Reflex that occurs in baby since birth up to around 5-6 Months of age. Your children can feel as though they are in their mother’s womb, feeling save and comfortable. The benefits of swaddling can be said to kill two birds with one stone. It can benefit both the parents and the baby as well.

Our suggestion, we suggest that you choose SwaddleTots as your choice for swaddle. Our swaddles are made from luxurious and comfortable material called minky fabric which is breathable and extra comfortable. Do you know that “The International Hip Dysplasia Institute acknowledges the SwaddleTots Swaddle as a “hip-healthy” product when used as directed.”. The swaddles are also OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified which means that your baby receives his best. You can learn more on why is SwaddleTots your best choice.

Keep It Simple

You should try to make your baby sleep in the most natural and simple way. The reason is due to the fact that when the baby grows up, they will have to fall asleep themselves. All the methods that we have introduced are based on research and evidence. They are also techniques that uses natural methods to influence and teach a baby. We suggest that you go through the information again if there is any doubts. SwaddleTots is here to help and we want the best for your babies. Feel free to contact us on any matters regarding your baby.