Some parents might not be aware that when we wash our baby’s clothes, we have to special care, particularly with the type of detergents and soap we use. A baby’s skin is especially soft and sensitive, and they might have allergies and irritation that we are not aware of. Especially at that young age, our baby would not be able to speak up and tell us if they’re uncomfortable. It can also be dangerous if they have severe allergies for a specific type of substance found in the detergent.

Using Baby-friendly cleaning productsbaby skin

You can find many baby friendly cleaning products from your local supermarkets. What you can look out for is if they mention that the ingredients are specially formulated for the soft and sensitive skin of the baby. Despite the possible risk of triggering allergies in the baby, many families choose to use normal detergents, but take care to choose the ones with the most natural kinds of formulations. This can be a possible solution, and many parents choose to use detergents and soap made from natural substances instead.

Baby Laundry

Many parents hand wash their baby’s clothes to prevent machine mixing with other clothes. The reason is that hand washing is more hygienic for the baby, as foreign substances will not get mixed up with the baby’s clothes. Hand washing doesn’t require washing powders, which are usually rather strong. The strong smell of detergent might also cause your babies to sneeze more frequently. You can also choose to machine wash your baby’s clothes by themselves, if time is an issue!

Changing Your Baby’s Clothes

Your baby’s clothes would need to be changed many times in the course of the day, babies might get their clothes dirty, vomit or spill on their clothes. It’s also a good idea to keep their clothes as sweat-free as possible to prevent skin hygiene problems. Parents usually get several sets of clothes for their babies to avoid washing too often. It’s also useful to take note that your traditional clothes hangers shouldn’t be used for baby’s clothes, as the size of these hangers is sometimes too big. Using badly sized hangers will cause the baby’s clothes to stretch unnecessarily, and cause them to spoil very quickly. We recommend getting a specialized baby hanger, which you can find at . Clothes Hangers Singapore has baby hangers made especially for the smaller sizes of a baby’s clothes. If you or your family needs good quality hangers, do check them out!

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