Benefits Of Swaddling

Why swaddle your baby? You might have heard of swaddling but are you paying attention to the benefits it can bring to your newborn as well as yourself? The thought of swaddling might pose as a troublesome task for parents who have to constantly wrap the blankets around their little ones once they pop out of the loosened blankets. Some newborns might not like it and struggle against it that parents ultimately stop swaddling them. However, it is a waste to not swaddle your baby because of the advantages it comes with, for your baby and you.


Benefits For Your Baby

Being a parent, it is our job to do whatever is best for the baby, and in this case, to improve the baby’s sleep.

Swaddling is practiced by many parents mainly because it minimizes the newborn’s Moro Reflexes, which is one of the factors that disturbs the newborn’s rest. As you might not already know, the baby goes through similar types of reflexes as a reaction to the sudden reduction in support. This is as though the baby feels like there is no support around and it is falling. Moro Reflexes can affect the newborn as and when regardless of whether the baby is asleep. However, the reflexes can be greatly reduced by using a swaddle as it enhances the quality of the baby’s sleep. Likewise, Moro Reflexes can also be one of the reasons that lead to the crying of the newborn. Therefore, you can try to lessen their Moro Reflexes by swaddling them, which helps to soothe and pacify the little one.

Swaddling helps your baby to attain the ideal body temperature it requires. Keep in mind that newborns have difficulties retaining the ideal body temperature as the quantity of insulating fats in them is very little in comparison with an adult. As a result, the easy loss of temperature makes them feel cold easily if they are not covered properly. Lacking communication skills, the little one is unable to inform you.  Hence, it is with our understanding of the biology behind them that allows us to take safety measures. Make certain that the temperature is neither too hot nor too cold but warm for you baby so that they are healthy and comfortable.

Benefits For Parents

With swaddling, parents will be able to manage their baby easily. As mentioned earlier, the reduction of Moro Reflexes greatly improves your baby’s comfort. This allows them to feel at ease and sleep comfortably. Swaddling allows the little ones to feel relaxed as though they have gone back to their mother’s womb. In return, it also reduces your burden to consistently pacify your baby.

In addition, parents get to have longer rest time too. With a decrease of continuous crying throughout the night, it is possible for you to enjoy a longer and higher quality sleep. It is known that bringing up a baby takes up a lot of time and effort. It gets tiring when you do not get enough rest time. Even though your focus is placed on maximizing your baby’s comfort and rest, there is a need for you to take care of yourself too. Try not to overlook your own rest as it gives you the energy to care for your baby. Start swaddling! Not only does it improve your baby’s sleep, it also provides you with more rest time.

Just google for any shops that sell swaddles and you will find that swaddles can be designed to look cute and presentable. You will also notice that the choice of colors used to design swaddles actually fits the soft, warm and nurturing tones that create a lovely vibe around the baby. These colors can also easily complement any occasion, whether you are going to shopping malls, going for house visiting, or simply just staying at home. Swaddles can be made so presentable to suit any kinds of occasion. With that, it also allows your baby to be wrapped up in style. Hence, it is a plus point that swaddles can assist in beautifying your newborn while providing the necessary comfort.

In conclusion

What is there more to say? Swaddling is indeed a good practice for families with a newborn! However, do note that it is important to use the correct way to swaddle your baby and only then will it be beneficial for you and your baby. By using blankets, it requires time and numerous practices to hone your swaddling techniques. To avoid that hassle, use a swaddle pouch instead of a blanket to keep your baby in shape. There is no need to fret about the loosening of the pouch as it positions the baby firmly. In this way, it ensures you that your baby is enjoying his/her needed comfort, bringing joy to your baby and you.

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