SwaddleTots Mission

SwaddleTots was formed mainly because we found a problem in mainstream swaddles… It is a lurking issue that has caused babies to be sent to the hospital with some being administered leg braces. This problem has even hindered with their growth. It is called Hip Dysplasia.

Why Is It More Likely To Affect Newborns? 

The exact cause(s) are not known. However it is widely believed that hip dysplasia is developmental. This is because hip dysplasia is known to develop around the time of birth, after birth, or even during childhood. This is also why hip dysplasia is often referred to as developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH). How does science explain why it’s more susceptible to happen to newborns? Genetics is a factor but it’s not the direct cause of DDH. With genetics it’s 12 times more likely to occur if there is a family history of it. However, note that genetics it’s not the direct cause of DDH.

A short explanation is due to the fact that a newborn’s hip joints is much softer than the adult’s one. This softness of hip joints will lead to DDH (Hip Dislocation) if the position of the leg is not kept properly. e.g. extension of hip joints. If you would like the full article go to the International Hip Dysplasia Institute website for a detailed analysis of the effect of Hip Dysplasia on your newborn.

SwaddleTots Is Hip-Healthy


SwaddleTots has designed swaddles to meet the International Hip Dysplasia Institute standards of ‘hip-healthy’ swaddling. “The International Hip Dysplasia Institute acknowledges the SwaddleTots swaddle as a ‘hip-healthy’ product when used as directed.” For verification please click here.

We Think For You

Baby Swaddle Singapore

A Size For Life

SwaddleTots Swaddle is designed ergonomically to a size that is able to house the smallest baby and even a baby up to the age of 5-6 months. SwaddleTots will be a companion throughout his journey of swaddling.

Maximum Growth Space

SwaddleTots realise that restricting leg room for the baby’s feet is detrimental to the baby’s growth. Rest assure that SwaddleTots Swaddles provide ample leg room for your baby feet to move and grow healthily.

Hip Healthy Swaddling

“The International Hip Dysplasia Institute acknowledges the SwaddleTots swaddle as a ‘hip-healthy’ product when used as directed.” Your little ones will be in safe ‘hands’.

A Swaddle For Your Convenience

We made the swaddle to be convenient but useful for mummies. It is a simple 3 step wearing method and your baby will be kept in it by our new advanced velcro system throughout the night. Safe, Simple and Secure.

An Improvement From Mainstream Swaddles

The health and ergonomics of a newborn is taken into consideration at SwaddleTots. This means that your baby can be assured to receive it’s best swaddles for his/her first few months at earth. We created the swaddle such that it mimics the womb. Creating motherly comfort for the baby.

Convenience For The User 

No need to worry if you have wrapped the baby properly. No need to worry if your baby will escape at night. SwaddleTots effective and convenient swaddles will do the job! Just a simple 3 step wearing method, your baby will be snug comfortably and securely in our swaddle pouch. This provides more rest time for mummies/daddies, no more middle night cries due to the swaddle. We are more than a swaddle, we are a friend.

There Is No Risk Involved 

If you do not like the swaddle, you have 7 days to return the swaddle to us. We will refund the money back to you. Please check out the full Refund and Exchange policy here.