Approximately 1 out of 6 newborns will have some type of hip instability and 2-3 out of every 1,000 infants will require treatment.

Baby Swaddle Singapore

A Size For Life

SwaddleTots Swaddle is designed ergonomically to a size that is able to house the smallest baby and even a baby up to the age of 5-6 months. SwaddleTots will be a companion throughout his journey of swaddling.

Maximum Growth Space

SwaddleTots realise that restricting leg room for the baby’s feet is detrimental to the baby’s growth. Rest assure that SwaddleTots Swaddles provide ample leg room for your baby feet to move and grow healthily.

Hip Healthy Swaddling

“The International Hip Dysplasia Institute acknowledges the SwaddleTots swaddle as a ‘hip-healthy’ product when used as directed.” Your little ones will be in safe ‘hands’.

A Swaddle For Your Convenience

We made the swaddle to be convenient but useful for mummies. It is a simple 3 step wearing method and your baby will be kept in it by our new advanced velcro system throughout the night. Safe, Simple and Secure.

SwaddleTots Live Demo

Putting On The Swaddle

The steps are very simple.

  1. Put the right hand in followed by tucking the flap
  2. Put the left hand in followed by tucking the other flap.
  3. Done, baby falls asleep

Find out why our swaddles are so suitable for your newborn HERE

Swaddle Singapore SwaddleTots

Making The Difference

We aim to bring a smile to your baby with our carefully designed swaddles. Safety, comfort, tightness and price are all factors in our consideration to you.

Being able to be used from birth up to age of 5 months. Rest assure that your money is well spent, it is aimed to bring a smile to you and your newborn.

Built For Babies

Aren’t they cute? Babies look 100x cuter in SwaddleTots swaddles! That’s an exageration as babies are already very cute but you get the idea. We have 4 different patterns suited for different genders. All are sure to make your newborn cuter than before!

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SwaddleTots, Your Best Companion

We make sure you are satisfied with your purchase. Rest assure and choose our baby swaddles, if you have doubts after receiving and would like to return, you have 7 days to do so. Read the full return policy here.

With the 7 days return policy, you shop with no risk involved. Further adding the safety aspect that the swaddle comes with, your baby is getting the best he can receive.

There’s no need to change a new swaddle after one month and spend another amount to get another bigger swaddle. We have innovated the size that fits all babies from 0-5 months of age. That means you can use our baby swaddles throughout the whole swaddling journey!

We also provide really useful tips for mummies occasionally and have received great response from them. If you would like some of the tips, fill up the above form to receive updated newborn tips and tricks.

We believe that our swaddles are not just a swaddle the baby. It is a connection made to the baby. It has a responsibility to keep the baby secure and comfortable. If you would like to learn how we design the swaddles click here.